How to Get a Birth Certificate From Home

Above all, a birth certificate is one of the so-called Vital Records. These are documentation of events kept under governmental authority. There are 4 types of Vital Records:

Birth certificates

Death certificate

What is a birth certificate?

A Birth certificate is a legal document that certifies all important details (time, date, location, parentage, etc) of your birth. The Department of Health has the authority to control every office that issues and distributes this document. A birth certificate proves, among other things, your age, your U.S. citizenship status, and your predecessors. You will need a certified copy of your birth certificate for several purposes. For instance, to register your children for school, to get a driver’s license or identification, to get married, or even sometimes to apply for a job. In other words, it is a legal identification that can be used for several purposes in daily life.

Uncertified and certified copies

There are certified and uncertified copies of this document. Certified copies are official transcripts that serve as identification whereas uncertified copies mean that there is no legal permission from an authority when printing the paper. There is no original seal or signature on an uncertified copy, and therefore they do not work as identification.

Where to find them?

There is no National authority that releases this vital record. Birth certificates are not managed at a federal level but issued by individual states instead. Consequently, the information presented varies between states. Regardless of the state in which you were born, every birth record is a valid legal document everywhere.

Alternatively, to search your vital record you can check the National Center of Health Statistics at the Center for Disease Control. If you are not lucky there, you can otherwise check at the Census Bureau. The Census Bureau offers an age search service that you can use on You will be able to request and find proof of age and date of birth. To do so, you will have to fill the form BC-600 and pay $65 per search.

How to get your birth certificate?

Here, in the United States, there are two ways for you to request a copy of this Vital Record:

On the one hand, you have to address yourself to the Vital Records Office of the State and city in which you were born. You will be able to complete the forms you will need to do after waiting in line at the office. Once you finish all the forms and pay the corresponding fees, you will have to wait. If you are lucky and depending on the office you’re at, time of the year and quantity of demands, you could get the certificate the same day.

On the other hand, there’s a much simpler option: get your certificate online. You will avoid physical displacement and time-wasting in lines by completing a standardized process that platforms services like Vital Records Gov offers. You can get your certificate with us. Our team of professionals will prepare all the documentation you need to get a birth certificate or a replacement and we will work alongside the vital statistics office. Thus, will ensure everything is in order, avoiding delays and possible penalties.

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